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Your Practitioner

Denise Robison EAMP, has offered Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the Olympia Community for 22 years (1999).

Her hands-on experience in family-medicine and dedication to reproductive and pediatric health, has touched the lives of her clients and community.  

Denise has always prized working with women and children. She is especially trained and experienced in pediatrics, maternity, fertility and gynecological conditions to accompany her skills in treating a wide variety of health problems and pain conditions. 


She earned both her Masters in Acupuncture and her Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and a Bachelors in Natural Health Sciences from Bastyr University, where she began her study in TCM in 1995.  Through continued study, she has also certified in a broad scope of Western Herbalism, and has had a wealth of specialized training in Fertility, Maternity and Pediatric Acupuncture.   

Denise is a well-rounded practitioner and  is ever seeking to deepen her understanding of the medicine she brings to her clients.  She is adept in various forms of physical, energetic and vibrational medicine and brings these skills, intuition and balance to each treatment she offers.


With a deep love of nature's inherent wisdom and design,  Denise is especially dedicated to holistic healing, witnessing life's cycles and rhythms and  empowerment through nature/self-awareness. 

Denise treasures the honor to attend to women in Birth as well as in the many journeys that women have in their reproductive years:  From Puberty to Wise Woman, through Fertility, Motherhood and Menopause, and especially appreciates the magnitude of constant shift, change and embodiment women go through in the cycles of their lives..

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